Wednesday, July 27, 2011

::Michelle & Kent::

::Michelle & Kent::
Jaffe Sammamish residence

I met Michelle through a mutual friend Patti Belle, who's wedding I had done last October..Shout out to Patti :)  Congrats Patti & Ron on your beautiful new baby girl Lucia..:)

After the first phone call, we instantly connected.. We had her makeup trial a few weeks out.  She poured me a glass of a fine red.  Her fiance Kent continued to spoil us with more wine, bruschetta, and the BEST olives I've ever tasted..What a fun makeup run!  Thank you so much for spoiling me..What a treat!

I did the makeup for the Bride Michelle, 3 of her bridesmaids, and a touch up on the Hostess..which happened to be my friend Stacy's Stepmom who I recognized right off the bat!  SMALL WORLD.

This was such a fun experience and here's a couple sneak pics.  I will post the professional ones soon!
Thank you Michelle for such a classy wedding..Your vivaciousness and laughter is contagious and you are genuinely a warm spirit..Meeting new people and making new friends is simply the best part of my "job."

What a beautiful bride!!!  She was picture perfect and beautiful inside and out..Congratulations Michelle & Kent!!  Best wishes for an AMAZING future together!

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