Monday, July 11, 2011


It's OFFICIAL...  I created my own website!! A month ago, I bought my first domain.  After 16 years of makeup artistry, I've grown success only through word of mouth and Facebook.  Can you imagine the endless possibities NOW? Can I get an AMEN!!

For years, I've researched graphic designers and seeked out help from friends/peers.  I got no where!  I took it in my own hands and was inspired by my 16 year old nephew Jordan to create a free one on  I, a self learner at heart, spent nights configuring different pics that I wanted up and how I wanted to represent ME and my ART.

So here it is..created by yours truly..ME..I can say however, it is so rewarding finishing a project that I've wanted for years and executed by MYSELF.  It feels so good.  By all means this is just the start of my site.  Enjoy~

Check it out.

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