Saturday, May 21, 2011

::Fresh Start::

Fresh Start

Start over by a FRESH START!....

End poor skincare routines..
Say "Bye Bye" to dull, irritated, dry skin...  BUUU-BYE!!!!

Makeup will ONLY BE as good as the skin UNDERNEATH!

AM: Cleanse, Moisturize, Eye Cream (add additional preventative serums such as preventative, age spots, lines)

PM: Cleanse, Anti-Aging Serum, Eye Cream, MOISTURIZE..

this is what's in my cabinet right, I did not pay the $145 for's called working for Cosmetics, FREE GRATIS!!!

Mask as necessary..I don't use a mask often, but was inspired last night when I went to drop of my Son at a friend's house.  The friend's Mom came out with a FULL ON MASK!..Nothing better for a Friday night except maybe masking with a glass of wine?  I recommend picking a day of the week..Lazy Sunday's are good for your "mask day" when your hubby has the game on.

Tip: Oily Skin needs moisture...NEEDS WATER...let me repeat that..Oily skin needs moisture..Oily skin types need water and hydration with a moisturizer not just all the oil that comes along with them.  

Drink water..tons of water..hydrate..hydrate..hydrate..

Your skin is the LARGEST organ on your body.  Please take a FRESH START... start and finish your day with MOISTURIZER!! --Please and Thank You...:)

oh and Men..Moisturizer is not just for women..STOP moisturizing your beautiful 5 o'clock shadow with that Vaseline body lotion crap..

Start over..begin with a FRESH START!