Saturday, December 10, 2011

::MAC Fall 2011::

When people hear the word MAC, 8 out of 10 clients think MAC Cosmetics. 

MAC Cosmetics. 
Toronto Canada
One of my many jobs in my 16 years of professional makeup artistry.  I worked on counter and freelance in 2006.  In my 20's when I was the Department Manager of all of Cosmetics at Northgate Nordstrom, we went through a remodel.  I was the DM when we opened the outside installation directly outside of Nordstrom across from the E BAR.  One of my favorite things is opening a new store and seeing it thrive.  Seeing things/people/places GROW is phenomenol to me.  It is very rewarding.  That is how I ended up with over 6 full sized MAC display units..I LOVE IT!  Even though I work for a different company now which I LOVE, I have been an avid MAC user for years.  I've trained and sold MAC in the 10 years I was with Nordstrom.  I have an appreciation for the brand and company, the message they deliver, and most of all the GIVING BACK causes they support and their BACK to MAC recycling program is one of the most innovative causes yet.  I support their recycling program immensely.  Bring back 6 empty containers, receive a free lipstick ($14) value to any MAC counter, and at the UVILL MAC boutique, choose a lipstick, lipgloss, or an eyeshadow.
One of the leading brands out there.  A company that delivers edgy, fearless, heavy pigmented makeup at a reasonable department store price. 
It is available at their own MAC boutique in University Village.  It is at all Nordstrom's.  It is in various Macy's doors (not in certain WA doors due to a Nordstrom contract.)

My main mission was to write a quick blog on their Fall casing.  What do you think?  Then I got on this whole other rampage.  I can write more on the developments, product knowledge, and marketing programs, but I don't have the time or patience today..LOL

So here it is.
What do you think of this casing? 
The silver, clear, NON BLACK image that MAC stands for..Feeling Frosty this holiday season?
I'm not sure what I think yet.  I'll post this on FB for thoughts/feedback/concerns..

Love and am passionate about products, people, and learning about people's views and insight..

I should have stuck to my sociology and psych minor.  Hmmmm

Here it comes! A sparkling lineup of everything a stylish snow queen desires! Snowglobe-inspired compacts, side by side with future-chic gift sets that satisfy your lust for M∙A∙C Holiday. Wish list ready! Let the parade begin! Limited edition.

Brush set $49.50

Ice parade collection..

yes that is part of my shadow collection for 1/10 part..i've donated tons and continue to buy product.  i am thinking of transferring my personal collection to palettes but de potting them takes forever...ugh..palettes are great for my event/wedding kits but have yet to do my personal collection..