Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's been 3 months..

It's been 3 months since I've written anything.  Time has it's way of passing you by.  I am in the middle of transferring all of my makeup to palettes..Here is the latest..MAC eyeshadows were first, now onto Lancome & Stila..It's alot of work, but I find it somehow calming and zen like while doing this.  Here is the process and I will update my final palette pics when done.


I love Stila's quotes in the LIDS:)

Check out these vids on how to depot.  I used a votive candle for heat.  Some use a non heat version like this.

Some use a flat iron for heat:

but I did it this way:  PLEASE watch so you can see all the torture I went through will all of these..

I DID NOT use a knife..
These tools came in handy.  Thanks to my Dad & Mom, I have a lil tool set.  Every Woman should invest in one.  A lil mini screw driver was my bff in this process.

Part of my MAC shadows on my MAC unit BEFORE....

and I still have a ways to go...
Hope this helps anyone who is trying to organize their makeup collection and or minimize space.  It is a LONG journey, but will be so FENG Shui in the end.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

::BE my Valentine::

I BELIEVE Love conquers all.. I BElieve you should show LOVE every day, not just one. I believe in showing and telling someone how you care. This flower giving, chocolate giving, gift giving, reason for spending $$$ on a random "holiday" is what it is. I'm staying in again this year cooking for loved ones. Going to sushi on Friday was a treat in itself. Missing the crowds was truly a gift. For you non lovers out there, I believe this holiday was put on the calendar for you as a reminder. To my loved ones, Happy LOVE day!... As you know, I tell you and show you on a regular basis though and don't need 2/14 to remind me..:)

As for your beauty buzz...
What is your favorite Valentine lip? Is it a matte red or a pale pink sheer glossy lip?

Bummer. This is my first blog from my iPhone and I can't upload any cute pics.. Owell next time..
Happy Love Day..
I just bought chocolate covered strawberries & what a nice meal I have planned:)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

::Favorite Eyeliner::

My favorite eyeliner of all time is.....

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.  It is long wearing and water resistant.  It is a creamy, non smudging formula.  I recommend this for the top lashline only as I use a pencil for the bottom lashline.


Awarded "Best of Beauty" by Allure Magazine..

You will not regret this purchase..I promise..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

::Inner Beauty::

Inner Beauty

Inner beauty shines and radiates from within. Healing yourself and eliminating all toxins will shine through to your outer beauty.
Start with learning to LOVE yourself. It's harder than it sounds.. When you look in the mirror, what does your reflection say back to you? Are you a good person? Do you give more than you receive? Are you selfless? Are you making the world a better place to live? Are you helping others around you? Are you compassionate and empathetic?

Meditate | Read | Write

Time to reflect on the inner you..