Wednesday, October 12, 2011

::Creating Connections::

::Creating Connections::

Connections.  I believe every soul wants to be connected to someone or something in this world.  We all want to be a part of something or belong to something.  If we are out of place or our element, we feel it.

I am blessed to make connections every day.  Wearing more than 10 hats, I can say that creating connections keeps my motivation and inspiration going.  Successful businesses strive to build relationships and maintain them.  I have been successful at my PASSION for over 16 years due to having a strong core network and being open to building many different connections on various levels.

Given a second chance at life, I am truly honored to inspire others.  Many friends/acquaintances reach out to me on a daily basis for support, inquisitions, and advice.  They wonder where I get my positivity from.  Is it a fasade or real?  I strive to be a better person every day and giving back to my family, friends, and community is such a great feeling.  Many people don't get second chances, and being adopted into a fabulous core of a family who supports and loves me is truly a blessing.

There has been much talk bout Cancer recently.  My 12 year old Son's good friend Sophia (12yrs) has been recently diagnosed with Spinal Cancer.  My Dad's old colleage has recently died of Cancer.  If Cancer hasn't affected you at some point in your life, it will.  You will know someone or know of someone's someone.

I recently met and worked with Jan.  Mother of 2 and being a Single Mother with 2 jobs and a smile on her face was truly admirable.  She is in remission.  She never wore a ton of makeup, if at all.  I connected with Jan instantly and I can say after her "makeunder", we went over to the mirror and the tears in her eyes of joy is one of the best feelings and why I do my "job" each day.  I am lucky to be doing my passion and not only working and living it, but really meeting clients like Jan.  Every one struggles.  It's through perserverance and attitude that makes the difference.  I was only one small part of making her smile that day.  I always thought I would've been a great teacher or nurse.  Well I teach women how to apply makeup every day through their individual lifestyle and custom fit based on their needs.  I am also a nurse to my Son every day..LOL

So when you are having a "bad" day, just remember there are a billion others who have it far worse than you.  Surround yourself with positive people.  If they aren't bringing "light" into your life, then what are YOU doing?  You are who you put up with.  You are in control of your own destiny and attitude.  Sure we all have our "bad" days, but waking up every day should be a blessing.  I walk into one of my jobs and see "elders" walking the mall.  They walk, talk, act slow.  I will slow down when I am forced to.  Time is money.  I think that many people aren't given a second chance, but when we grow wise, we often ask for "more time."  If you had two minutes left in life, can you honestly say you made a difference in the world and did your "best"?  Can you live with no regrets?  Can you empower others and really LIVE through ACTION to be the best soul you are?  Or are you a waste of skin?  I believe we all have a passion and have some sort of intelligence or passion..The difference is some of us use our strengths, work on our opportunities and keep pushing forward.

Think about it.  Creating Connections is truly an art form..Keep an open mind, don't pass judgement and just see how far you can reach.

Jaime Hansen
"Creating Beauty from Within"....
...helping Women look and FEEL brush stroke at a time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

::Fashion Forecast Fashion Week feat. Lawrence Zarian::

::Fashion Week::

"Fashion Forecast"
featuring Lawrence Zarian

Models: LA Models from LA
Director of Events: Anne

MUA: Bare Escentuals team
Jena Thomas
Amanda Stone
Keshia Cortez
Jaime Hansen

check out photo's below..

check out "set up" and "on stage" pics for October 1st on

Thanks for such a fabulous, successful event and for letting Amanda and Me sit FRONT row :)

Love what you do..Do what you LOVE..

"Creating Beauty from Within"..
-helping Women look and FEEL beautiful, one brush stroke at a time..