Wednesday, September 11, 2013



As some of you have known, for years now I've been simplifying my life in many ways.. Being in Cosmetics for 19 years professionally can be rewarding with so many free products, samples, testers, and free gratis.. ...period..A lot of discounts, perks, pro discounts etc.

This blog will be short and sweet...Consolidating 24 lipsticks into a palette sounds easy? No, it's tedious, time consuming, and luckily my Mom is in town to assist me.  Here's the progression minus the microwave picture...

Now only 10 more to go...They aren't as perfect as I wanted them but after working all day I'll let it go for tonight.  At least I threw away 24 misc tubes and all of these colors will be for my kit...
All colors are Lancome & Clinique for these two palettes..

Happy Simplifying

Jaime Hansen
Creating Beauty from Within