Wednesday, September 11, 2013



As some of you have known, for years now I've been simplifying my life in many ways.. Being in Cosmetics for 19 years professionally can be rewarding with so many free products, samples, testers, and free gratis.. ...period..A lot of discounts, perks, pro discounts etc.

This blog will be short and sweet...Consolidating 24 lipsticks into a palette sounds easy? No, it's tedious, time consuming, and luckily my Mom is in town to assist me.  Here's the progression minus the microwave picture...

Now only 10 more to go...They aren't as perfect as I wanted them but after working all day I'll let it go for tonight.  At least I threw away 24 misc tubes and all of these colors will be for my kit...
All colors are Lancome & Clinique for these two palettes..

Happy Simplifying

Jaime Hansen
Creating Beauty from Within

Friday, August 23, 2013

Live the life you've always imagined

Hello.  Thanks for stopping by.  For the short version, go to for my quick Bio.

Here's how my story began....
I grew up watching my Mom beautify women and men being a hairstylist. After she adopted my Sister and I, she left the salon and started her own business in our basement.  She had just adopted us two girls from Korea, all the while already having two of her biological Sons and a high school sweetheart for a husband.  She cut, styled, colored, frosted, and even permed her clients.  I know she loved her passion all the while 40 years later never raising her prices.  She didn't do it for the money.  She loved her craft.  She is the creative genius in our family and pretty much in the universe. Sometimes I think she makes Martha Stewart look bad..Seeing her clients faces after they were out of the chair with that extra glow and boost of confidence was when I knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry.
I didn't really learn how to apply makeup from my Mom however. She was and still is a minimalist.  I read the magazines and starting applying makeup on my friends in elementary school.  I continued to do hair and makeup in Junior high and so on for dances and proms.  Attending Cosmetology school, holding 4 part time jobs, and having a 3.8 GPA my Senior year kept me busy.  I had initially wanted to do hair.  I had worked my ass of my Freshman and Sophmore year all the while to maintain my high honors GPA and have only 4 classes my Senior year.  
I was in a major car accident and broke 2 discs in my spine after being in Cosmetology school for I believe 6 months.  Dropped out, took a year off and worked and partied.  Went back to Cosmetology school and when I had 200 hours out of my 1200 hours to complete, I got pregnant. I never went back. So needless to say I am a beauty school dropout. LOL  

Attending Shoreline Community College, I took business, Sociology, and Psychology classes.  After Tyas was born I worked various jobs and went back to work within one month.  I then started at Nordstrom when he was 8 months old.  I started in the kids dept and spent way too much $$$ on his clothes.. STILL DO!  I moved down to the Clinique counter and within one 9 months I was promoted to Counter Manager.  Within one year, I was awarded the top Clinique Sales Associate for all of WA, OR, and AK.  I received a big ol white Clinique robe, Tifffany earrings, and some puffy slippers.  I then continued to get skincare and fragrance certified at Nordstrom.  I worked for MAC and then moved my way up to Managing the entire Cosmetics Dept at Northgate and was and Assistant Mgr of Downtown and Bellevue, WA.  I was with Nordstrom off and on for 10 years, leaving and coming back as just a MUA at the exact Nordstrom I managed.  I left to be an Account Coordinator and then Executive for Lancome Cosmetics.
Being a MUA, I've been blessed for working for, Seattle Fashion week, fashion/editorial shoots, different photographers, personal consultations, Bare Escentuals, Gene Juarez, Elite Collective, and now myself.

Creating beauty from within started from the time I was born.  I learned at a young age, it starts from within.  I am now building my business more than ever, and continue to work and learn on my craft every day.  I believe you can never perfect your craft. Keep current and learn something new everyday.  Stay motivated, stay in your zone EVERY single day.

I learned over the years "your title doesn't define you..YOU define you."

I have now been in the industry going on my 19th year professionally.  So pretty much all my life. I don't know everything, but I know this.  EVERY single thing happens for a reason.  I thank my Mom, Beckie for the raw creative talent that she passed on to me.  I thank God for this every day.

Live the life you've always imagined..

Live your passion, and your true success whatever that may be, will follow.

Jaime Noelle Hansen


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

::New Card Design::

Business cards are the first impression of your art/craft...

Alexis Chicoye created and designed my new cards months and months ago. Been busy with work, so here they are:  Her turnaround was so efficient and I love them!

I have always been the one to know exactly what I want/don't want.  Alexis was able to capture my design by not only knowing me personally but she just simply "got it."  Thanks Lex for taking your time and it is the best money I've spent in a long time.  I appreciate it..Your professionalism is top tier babe!
Thanks again,