Wednesday, July 27, 2011

::Michelle & Kent::

::Michelle & Kent::
Jaffe Sammamish residence

I met Michelle through a mutual friend Patti Belle, who's wedding I had done last October..Shout out to Patti :)  Congrats Patti & Ron on your beautiful new baby girl Lucia..:)

After the first phone call, we instantly connected.. We had her makeup trial a few weeks out.  She poured me a glass of a fine red.  Her fiance Kent continued to spoil us with more wine, bruschetta, and the BEST olives I've ever tasted..What a fun makeup run!  Thank you so much for spoiling me..What a treat!

I did the makeup for the Bride Michelle, 3 of her bridesmaids, and a touch up on the Hostess..which happened to be my friend Stacy's Stepmom who I recognized right off the bat!  SMALL WORLD.

This was such a fun experience and here's a couple sneak pics.  I will post the professional ones soon!
Thank you Michelle for such a classy wedding..Your vivaciousness and laughter is contagious and you are genuinely a warm spirit..Meeting new people and making new friends is simply the best part of my "job."

What a beautiful bride!!!  She was picture perfect and beautiful inside and out..Congratulations Michelle & Kent!!  Best wishes for an AMAZING future together!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Today..I am INSPIRED..

Beyonce does it again.. watch below. Pay close attention to what she says in the beginning and the end...

As an Artist, being inspired by other Artists, I get through various spurts of inspiration.  I often times find it difficult for more creative inpiration, and some other times it can be such a simple thing such as a smile from my Son.  Beyonce exudes beauty, hard work, drive, ambition, humbleness, and such a special, rare talent as a creative artist who inspires me to be fashion forward in my ART.  I always have said LOVE what you do..Do what you LOVE.  Accept nothing less.  I never want to get to a place that I am stagnant and don't want to be doing what I don't want to do.  She brings such empowerment as a woman, friend, daughter and soul.  I will always follow my heart.  "I don't want to miss out on making memories."  She took a year off and I reward her for that in the most honorable way.

For those who KNOW me, I've been in hiding.  Some may blame it on Fall/Winter.  I call it "hermit crab mode."
 I have not blogged in over a month.  Working 3 jobs that I love and having a 12 year old son who has his own career, I choose to live this LIFE.  I decided to take a step back.  I have taken a break from friends, acquaintances, social media and wanting to do it all.  I was feeling overwhelmed and didn't want to miss out on LIVING..really LIVING.  I work as hard as I do, so I can play as hard as I do.  Well now I'm BACK!

June 1-6th, Tyas and I had a once in a lifetime opportunity.  SMG sent the two of us on an all paid trip to LA.  Tyas was booked for his biggest gig yet.  Microsoft chose him and 5 other kids out of 3000 from Seattle to LA to demo the new Kinect games for the E3 Conference.  Tyas was one of 4 that was chosen to perform in front of 3000+ media and press.  I am so proud of his hard work and humbleness over the last 6 years at Seattle Model's Guild.  ( T for Tyas)
We had the most fun and gained special new friends from this experience.  Shout out to Tyas, Christian, Karlie, Kobi, Jake, Teya, the supportive parents, Rock & Beverly with rba productions, Jeff & Chanda with Ten Gun Design, Seattle Model's Guild, & Microsoft.
You tube "Microsoft Kinect Disneyland E3" and you will see my Son.

Coming out of my busiest month in June, from castings with Tyas and bookings for Nordstrom, Amazon, & his new Pokemon board game, to all of my jobs, I am taking a time out to just live.  I have no one to impress.  I follow my heart every day and be the best Mom I know how to be.  Being 98% optimistic, I deserve the 2% of hermit crab time.  I believe it's not just hermit crab mode. It's throwing my sweats on and watching a movie with Tyas.  Where in the world did we come to rely on social media instead of real live visits with friends/family?  I love technology to the FULLEST, however leave your cell at home for the day..I did today and it felt GREAT! Headed to the Ocean tomorrow to melt my feet in the ocean and bury my toes in the sand while watching Tyas swim and grow up. 


It's OFFICIAL...  I created my own website!! A month ago, I bought my first domain.  After 16 years of makeup artistry, I've grown success only through word of mouth and Facebook.  Can you imagine the endless possibities NOW? Can I get an AMEN!!

For years, I've researched graphic designers and seeked out help from friends/peers.  I got no where!  I took it in my own hands and was inspired by my 16 year old nephew Jordan to create a free one on  I, a self learner at heart, spent nights configuring different pics that I wanted up and how I wanted to represent ME and my ART.

So here it is..created by yours truly..ME..I can say however, it is so rewarding finishing a project that I've wanted for years and executed by MYSELF.  It feels so good.  By all means this is just the start of my site.  Enjoy~

Check it out.