Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's been 3 months..

It's been 3 months since I've written anything.  Time has it's way of passing you by.  I am in the middle of transferring all of my makeup to palettes..Here is the latest..MAC eyeshadows were first, now onto Lancome & Stila..It's alot of work, but I find it somehow calming and zen like while doing this.  Here is the process and I will update my final palette pics when done.


I love Stila's quotes in the LIDS:)

Check out these vids on how to depot.  I used a votive candle for heat.  Some use a non heat version like this.

Some use a flat iron for heat:

but I did it this way:  PLEASE watch so you can see all the torture I went through will all of these..

I DID NOT use a knife..
These tools came in handy.  Thanks to my Dad & Mom, I have a lil tool set.  Every Woman should invest in one.  A lil mini screw driver was my bff in this process.

Part of my MAC shadows on my MAC unit BEFORE....

and I still have a ways to go...
Hope this helps anyone who is trying to organize their makeup collection and or minimize space.  It is a LONG journey, but will be so FENG Shui in the end.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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