Tuesday, August 2, 2011

::Summer's Shimmer::

::Summer's Shimmer::

One of my ALL TIME faves::
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick!

Gearing up for Summer..(yes in Seattle, it has just began), shimmer is in the air.

Sweep on the cheekbones, or as a highligher under the brow bone..I do BOTH!  Use as a topical shimmer on top of lipstick as well..

There is even a body one!

Available in 5 different colors; Pink Quartz, Nectar, Rose, Bronze (my fave), & Beige.

$39 and totally worth it!

I really love the look of when you see someone turn their cheek and it just glistens.  Applying on the decollete can really enhance a women's skintone.

See this video on Bobbi's application..

This is a STAPLE in my makeup wardrobe and should be in every woman's!

It even comes in a set..note: the synthetic brush is key..

Happy Summer!! 

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