Thursday, September 8, 2011

::Lotta Lashes::


A simple touch..LASHES!!..real, fake, extensions, lash prescription treatments, & tons of mascara choices!  It's all about the lashes!

It is the most simple addition to any natural or dramatic eye.  It truly opens up the eye like you wouldn't believe.  Add a strip to finish off any eye makeup application..Add any singles or flares to the corner of the eye for a romantic look.

Latisse & Revitalash are to promote lash growth.  Latisse is a prescribed medication & Revitalash can be found at Gene Juarez..See Shanie at the Downtown Gene Juarez for assistance..It was founded by a eye DR. who's wife was diagnosed with Cancer.  He revolutionized a start of a lash phenomenon.  I rub my eyes to much so I haven't tried this.  It retails for $150 but is a 6 month supply.. (think of how much money you spend on coffee per month)

I personally like to add the semi permanent ones at my discretion.  I can take them off at night and re use them by removing the glue.  If you fall asleep in them over a drunken stupor, they do NOT last..LOL...however, I've used the same pair up to a few weeks use! MAC, Shu Uemura, & some brands at the department stores ARE FABULOUS, however I feel that they are overrated.  Go to Walgreen's, Target, Rite Aid, Sally's Beauty Supply, and purchase Ardell or ModLash.  I've even bought some @ the Asian Dollar Store Daiso in Alderwood Mall for $1.50. Yes, for the real doll like look, the Daiso ones are iight and do the job!

For the lash extensions that last 3 weeks, they are spendy but worth it if you are a ride or die lash lover.  My friend's Patti Belle & Dana Croft had these put on before their wedding day and created such a romantic look.  You need to go and get them refilled every 3 weeks..Kimberlee Bell is AMAZING..she says if extensions are done properly, lash by lash, will not affect your natural lashes as long as you don't pull or play with them.  Extensions are equal to about 3 coats of mascara.  A full set takes 2-2.5 hours and fills take an hour.  Kimberlee charges bout $185 for a full set and $58 for fills.  Call Dina S. Good Salon to book her in Belltown..206.462.6628..

I will discuss lash builder & mascara at a later blog, but some faves are Bare Escentuals Curl & Lengthen, Lancome Hypnose, and of course Dior Show..

Apply lashes with the one and only DUO glue.  It also comes in waterproof.  Glue does come in a black but if done properly, the white will dry clear.  Do not use any other glue..believe me I've tried them all.

To apply your own lashes:
Apply all eye primer, eye shadow, liner, etc.
Curl lashes
While looking DOWN at a mirror, measure the false lash to your lash
If needed trim the lash at the longest part (Asian eyes feel more comfortable w/trimmed lashes)
Use a toothpick for beginners or a steady hand and apply glue at the base of the lash.
Bend the lash and blow on the lash to get the glue tacky
Apply lash as close to the natural lash as possible
Let dry
Apply additional gel liner over any remaining glue
Apply Mascara to REAL LASHES only..
Practice makes perfect!

I forgot to mention..if you aren't confident and want to have an Artist apply them, ask me -Jaime Hansen  OR
if you buy them at MAC they will apply them for you!  I recommend you saving money and becoming the PRO that I know is WITHIN YOU.

Good Luck Lash Lovlies!  I believe in YOU~

"Creating Beauty from Within"

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