Sunday, April 17, 2011

::Essential piece to your makeup wardrobe; Eye Primers::

Eye Primers

Eye Primers...Lately, I've been asked a ton of questions and inquiries regarding primers.  I remember applying makeup to my best friend Dara in Junior High School.  I knew nothing of the sort.  It's not until the late 90's when I discovered eye primers.  I have never been so much in love since this beautiful relationship with this product started.  There are Face Primers as well but that is a whole other blog.

What is an Eye Primer?
It is a creamy eyeshadow base that prevents creasing, increases longer wearability, improves the intensity of the shadow and makes for an all over even canvas before applying eye shadow.  They come in neutrals and plenty of different shades and textures.  Below are a few of my faves.  I DO NOT wear an eyeshadow without EYE PRIMER.  On my days off, I usually don't wear much makeup, if at all.  I know, (and I am a Makeup Artist).  :)  On lazy days, wearing a shimmery eye primer can add some brightness to the eye and can be used alone or under eyeshadows.

I recommend....these are the most versatile..start with a neutral first!!!

Paint Pot

You can apply these beautiful primers with your fingers, HOWEVER your fingers have natural oils that can interfere with the blendability.  I absolutely LOVE a synthetic flat brush like this one.

242 Shader Brush


252 Large Shader Brush

So add this product to  your makeup wardrobe..You will NOT regret it..Oily eyelids benefit from this the most.  Trust...Your eyeshadow will stay on all day without touch ups.

Why wait?  Go out there and buy one today...this is a staple and a need vs. want.


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