Wednesday, December 15, 2010

::Loving REAL women/REAL souls::

::Loving REAL women..REAL souls::

Loving this ART..loving my art..

"helping women of all races, ages, and diversities not only look, but FEEL BEAUTIFUL, one brush stroke at a time"..

I love hearing women's stories, struggles, and successes.. Whether she is a stay at home Mom or a Professional Scientist OR BOTH, I help create and strategize their daily makeup routine.  Just today I helped Elizabeth.. She is a Scientist with a PhD and a Mom of 2.  She is an environmentalist and travels to East Africa... she also is in the middle of "creating her passion", a leading team Corporation... after 40 minutes with introducing her to her "own" classic look, I realized something so simple..I just taught her a five minute face that works with her lifestyle and that I had a part of "making her feel beautiful"... seeing their face in the mirror is one of the biggest payoffs for me as a Makeup Artist.  I love hearing their story and helping them with any suggestions and techniques. Yes, it's Makeup, but to me it is SO much bigger than that...

Inspiration from celebrities, models, magazines, TV, is where some women find it..I find it in REAL women, REAL stories..Scientists..Mothers..Friends...Family...

Jaime Hansen
"Creating Beauty From Within"

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